Three things about Mexico City

Yesterday I read this post in Seth Godin blogwhich I read regularly– regarding his recent visit to Mexico City, and since I live here (and being myself mexican) I tought that maybe I should briefly comment on his post:

1. There are tons of ads featuring blonde women. Yet I didn’t see any (blonde women). What happens when you create role models that are so out of touch/out of reach?

That is true… and at the same time is very sad. Mexico is, culturally speaking, a very fragmented country, and blonde women is not the only impossible standard around here.

2. The air hurts. It hurts my eyes and my nose. Just a little, but all the time. What happens when your town has air like this?

What happens? Everybody gets cranky… and try to be indoors as much as possible!

3. The best restaurant I have visited in forever: Aguila y Sol. If you come here, please go. You can thank me later.

Agreed! Mexican food is always delicious, and there’s plenty more restaurants to try for the next time.

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